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โอนเงินมาที่หมายเลขบัญชีบริษัทด้านล่าง แล้วเก็บสลิปไว้เป็นหลักฐาน

Payment Condition:

Dear Valued Customer,

After your order has been proceed , you are able to transfer money via internet banking , via ATM or comercial bank's counter service anywhere at your convenience.  Also
 we have provided you with 3 banks as foll

By the way, we suggest you to get the money paid to the account within 3 days after purchasing ;otherwise your order will be canceled and you may be automatically added on the weloveshopping's blacklist.

For your conveniece, all credit cards are welcome, though you will be charged approximately 4% by the bank related with you card and 3.4% for paying by paysbuy service. For more info, pls, contact www.paysbuy.com
After completing the remittance,  we would appreciate, if you would let us know transaction info as the following detail: 
Date - Time - Bank- Total amount by sms or send an email to

For more information; please do not hesitate to contact me at 096-156-9265

Thanks For Shopping With Us